A Harpsichord in Hamburg around 1750

16´-Harpsichord after Zell/Hass

built by Matthias Kramer 2021

Manual I: 16’, 8’, 4’ und 16’ Laute
Manual II: 8’, Laute + Schiebekoppel

Lea Suter am Cembalo

Bach on the 16´-Harpsichord

The 16´-Harpsichord in the ensemble

The 16´-Harpsichord and it´s different registers and sounds are very inspiring for soloplaying as well as in the ensemble and orchestra. Particularly the 16´-register with it´s full sound suports small and biger ensembles very profund and well but also it´s 16´-buffstop creats an extraordinary seldomly heard sound. Therefore it´s amazing to play around with all the different registers and it´s different sounds on small chambermusic settings as well as in a big orchestra.